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Ing. Martin Zach
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Welding and surface finishing

Characteristics of our products are: the best quality, a long servicelife and a good appearance. Our welding and quality operators are highly qualified.



We are still discovering new possibilities, we are innovating our technology processes. We are exploring a new ways how to meet our customers requirements. We are ready to face any challenges during the working process. We use these methods: TIG, MAG, electrode/spot welding.

  • Many years of experiences
  • A wide range of welding technics
  • Bolts and nuts welding


Laser engraving

We ensure laser engraving with high precision. By using of laser we engrave and produce instrument, production labels, corporate gifts and promotional items.

Possibilities of marking: metal, plastic, aluminium, precious metal, marking of bearings, spectacle frames, keyboards, meassure tools, plastic items, electronic components, different type of cabels, medical equipment, aluminium covers ford medicines, ets.

Advantages of laser marking: indelibility, permanence, precision, detailed processing, resistant, contactless method, originality.

  • Suitable formats - vector or bitmap graphic
  • Making of QR, DMA and BAR codes
  • Permanent identification


Surface finishing

We bring to our customers final products. We are also able to ensure a surface finishing of our products, i.e. dust painting, galvanizing, metal pickling, etc.

The final products are carefully packed and sent to the customer.