Why with us?


Certify quality system

From 2004 the company is certified by CSN EN ISO 9001:2008 certification. In 2018 the company has been certified by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 from international organization TAYLLOR & COX accredited in Czech Republic.


High flexibility

We are able to flexibly increase or decrease the number of workers deployed in the assembly and inspection work according to customer needs.



Our company has developed web application for online monitoring and reporting for our customers to see actual state of orders and for example in case of quality control to check number of NOK parts and their defects.

Zadávání vykonané práce do online databáze



Against potential harm, we are insured with UNIQA.


Quick and flexible communication

Communication between the customer and our organization is in person, by telephone and via the website of our company, so communication is up to accelerate and to minimize any misunderstandings.


Possibility to flexible communication

In order to transport materials possess FORD - Transit truck with canvas body

Možnost vlastní přepravy autem FORD - transit


People experiences

The staff of our company is trained in a number of inspection and assembly processes. For new customers we supppose, that our employees will be trained in their internal and assembly procedures.

Vlastní výuková místnost



Our company engaged in sorting, assembly and inspection of parts, performs 100% inspection as it is contractually bound. In addition to this inspection, within their internal statistical inspection procedures according to ISO 2859-1, which is statistically-based method for effective control, is efficient and provides greater security than so-called 100% physical inspection.