Offer of services

Our work consists of sorting, cleaning, inspection and reapir of simple (egg, deburring, polishing the surface, charring, etc.) for defective goods, assembly of simple parts, etc.

CZ / other regions - according to the driving time to the destination (70km/hod.), we are able to deploy a group of at least 4 people.

There is possibility to participate on the financing of the measurement device after consultation with the client.

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Quality inspection

Both visual inspection and by measuring the customer's internal processes.

Staff made 100% inspection of all parts. To enhance security for authenticated parts of the dose is a statistical control with AQL = 0.01 we are able to give a guarantee of 99.99% for checking parts - see warranty for quality - Statistical sampling and inspection.

Statistical inspection is statistically-based method for effective control, is efficient and provides greater security than so-called 100% physical inspection.

Kontrolní práce - Vizuální kontrola dílů Kontrolní práce - Mikroskop
Kontrolní práce - Měření hlavy pasametrem Kontrolní práce - Lupa
Kontrolní práce - Kontrola délky závitu posuvným měřidlem Kontrolní práce - Digitální mikroskop

Material sorting

Classification of parts or materials is up at the inspection, the defective parts or materials separated in accordance with our internal processes and identified as nonconforming.

A subdivision may be carried out at mixing multiple parts or materials.

Rework and cleaning

Deburring, polishing surfaces, bending, drilling, etc.

Simple repairs and cleaning can be carried out again in the actual inspection.

Or can be carried out separately according to customer needs.

Jednoduché opravy a čištění dílů

Assembly of the simple parts

Manual, by agreement as well as by machine.

Simple assembly of parts is carried out according to internal procedures or customer drawings and assembled parts in the assembly through 100% control of our staff.

To increase the guarantee for the quality of assembly, subject to acceptance of statistical inspection assembled with AQL = 0.01.