Laser cutting

In order to cut a metal material we are using CNC fiber laser about power 3kW.

We cut steel (max. thickness 16 mm), stainless steel (max. thickness 8 mm), aluminium alloy (A1Mg3, max. thickness 5 mm) and zinc-coated steel (max. thickness 4 mm).

The maximum size of the cut sheet metal is 3000 x 1500 mm with a usual allowance 0,1 mm. While cutting the metal of the maximum thickness, the burr is created on the bottom edge. We cannot guarantee the quality of the cut and the possibility of cutting for the steel of the thickness 6 to 8 mm, very small pieces and holes.

Profit from the possibility of sending the drawing documentation via electronic mail (DWG, DXF formats). Indicate the name and the address of your company (company registration number, telephone number, fax number) and a contact person in the mail. Specify your commission, required deadline and the number of products. Do not forget to attach a file with the drawing documentation.

When we receive the documents needed, the preliminary price calculation is made and it is discussed with the customer before we start the actual production.