Our company started in 1996, when we began providing services for TRW-DAS Dačice. TRW Dačice was in urgent need of strengthening the control system for deliveries from foreign countries (Germany, France, England, Spain, Poland and the Slovak Republic).

We helped to solve this problem by integration of our company into the TRW Dačice control system. Our workers have been trained in controlling procedures of TRW Dačice, they have checked and provided simple correction of defective parts.

Our activities consist of sorting, cleaning, measuring and simple correction of parts like: flash diffuse, surface brightening etc.). We have extend our activities to checking services in the plant TRW-DAS Dačice at point, where is the check by an external firm necessary. Additionally we are providing assembling of simple parts for the production in TRW-DAS Dačice.

Since 1996 our company has risen the top level in flexibility and quality of delivered services. From 2004 KOVO-ZACH s.r.o. is certified by CSN EN ISO 9001:2008 certification. In case of need we are able to solve your problem in one hour since the time we receive your order in writing or by phone.